Nyonia - Pauci Fortis

Day 36

Ravinia's Journal

It has been thirty-six days since I received the first letter. Now I have found the fifth, and heard that my father and brother may both be alive. This still leaves me even more mysteries: why did they leave, if they left willingly, and why did they stay away? Collecting creatures for a circus, as that storyteller said? I admit the thought angers me, but I know too much of the sorts of magic that can change a person to be willing to blame them yet. I will discover the root of all of this.

I have signed on to guard a caravan. It is strange finding myself a sword-for-hire, but they will pay and cover my travel expenses, and I must be practical. There is one of the cat people here, and I find that I am very wary of him. I have heard of their hair-trigger tempers and volatile natures, and do not intend to let any of his kind surprise me.

I must figure out what this map and these riddles mean. I know I will, given enough time to think on them.



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