Nyonia - Pauci Fortis

Following the Trail

Ahh…to be on a horse again. If only it were on the plains of my homeland, instead of through the forest, but I have many cultures to study. Besides Obidiah and his family (the culture I originally chose to study), I have two Koori and a Maurya to study as well.
A note on the Koori, they seem especially restless almost like they wish they were going faster. Haven’t they learned from their travels that humans tend to be slower than Koori and someone from the army (oh I did my research before I left) can’t travel fast because their horses are not designed for that and they carry so much stuff.
The trail isn’t too hard to follow, I mean how can they hide the trail of twenty people carrying 3,000 silver? It was good to interact with the natives out of a town setting. I have some good questions to ask. For example, is it custom to offer bad fruit juices on the side of the road to travelers? The boy selling the juices did say we were about a day behind and they had taken a lot of juice with them. This was evident by a huge barrel being smashed a little ways down the road. I guess they found out the juice wasn’t so good.
After Khashi does a little scouting ahead he comes back with word that a party of humans had been killed by huge hominoids. When the rest of us arrived at the scene I informed the group that ogres had attacked the party. Khashi wanted to try and rescue them, but I informed him that the humans were probably dead and we could get lost or worse killed as well. Khashi seems concerned with helping the innocent. I have determined from my study of Ulgaden, that this is not a Koori trait, but seems that caring for innocents is more to do with who Khashi is as a person than as a natural trait.
To throw us off Muin, or someone in his group, created a false trail. We followed it for a while, but we eventually got back on the right trail. It put us a little behind, but we still were making significant progress.
We were planning on ambushing Muin and his men, but when heard the sounds of combat ahead, we knew we could no longer wait. We charged into battle, or Maximus and Atasuki did on Maximus’ horse. Ulgaden and Kashi began to engage opponents on foot. I summoned my Nataska and then spirit walked away. I was not getting anywhere close to combat. I began to spirit walk in a wide circle, doing my best to avoid any guards. When I felt safe enough to spirit walk closer to the battle I saw Khashi attacking Maximus. Now that was not what I expected. When I looked around I saw the Oldwun Mage. The man I had been looking for. He most have created a spell to make Kashi turn against Maximus. I set up my Kokopelli to create the illusion thatMaximus was dying. That way the two of them can finish doing more important things, like dealing with the mage. Maximus on his horse still, charges over the wall of guards and attacks the mage killing him in one blow. The guards were either injured, dead or have run away thanks to my Nataska, Ulgaden, Kashi and Atasuki. Maximus did attack some of the guards before the whole mishap with Maximus and Kashi.
Since the mage was dead, his familiar began to eat him. The others made a move to kill it, but I told them not to since after it had its fill of its former master’s flesh it would leave and return to the wild. A little down the trail we found the money all scattered around. We collected as much as we could. We found no sign of Muin, but that was to be expected. We took all the guards that were still alive with us to the nearest guard post. At the guard post we left all the guards except for the guard that was from the Realm of Frost and seemed to be second in charge. On the way back to Nemora Ater, (On my watch, no less. A thousand curses to who ever gave this man both strength and wits, people who are evil should only have one of those.) the guard attack me and ran away. Most likely the man would get killed by something that lived in the woods, or would get lost and die in the woods. We returned to Nemora Ater and gave the money back. The people were so thankful and also a little surprised to see us. I guess people don’t keep their promises around here. Strange.
I did not mention that I had summoned the Kokopelli, or that I had sprit walked. I don’t know how the rest of the party would react. They seemed okay with me summoning Angak and Kweo, but those were helpful where as these might make them afraid of me.



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