Nyonia - Pauci Fortis

Love Potion and a Magical Candle

As part of a cerdded o gwmpas a journal must be kept. The journal will be used as a reference for the country investigated in case the shaman who went has forgotten part of what happened or has died. It had started out a normal week. The farm family and I had gone into village to sell vegetables, chickens and some eggs. A caravan had recently arrived by barge and I saw the Ainu again, but that was normal. I went to my usually haunt for a meal and then went back to the farm with the family.

The next day they didn’t need any help, so I went out to the woods. I enjoy being in the woods. I feel closer to the spirits out there. While I was walking along the trail I found some human tracks that came out of the forest and on to the path. There were also tracks from the path into the forest. I was thinking about investigating the tracks when I heard the bell start to ring. The family only rings the bell when there is an emergency. I get back to the farm and there are some guards from the village. One of them says, “We hear you can heal.” I say that the statement is true. Another guard says that someone has been seriously injured in the village.

We went down to the village. We went to a spice store. Outside the store there was a crowd, in the store there were some guards, some of the people from the caravan that just arrived (including two Koori and a human), the merchant (Obadiah) who ran said caravan, his wife and the leader of the village council, Varas. Varas was lying on the ground with the village doctor looking at him. The doctor looked at me and said. “What can you do?”

I replied, “More than you, probably.” The doctor looked slightly offended, but that was of minor concern. I put one of my kachinas down. All of a sudden a figure appeared with waist length black hair and black beard that come down to mid chest. It was dressed in a white cape that only exposed its right hand. In the right hand it held an evergreen bough and on the cape there were rainclouds. I heard gasps as people realized that I am a shaman. The figure reached a hand down to Varas and touched his wound. The wound healed and then the doctor really looked offended and put off. One of the Koori was standing near the merchant’s wife.

He said, “Miss this woman is injured too. Could you heal her as well?” He seemed really concern about the wife and the merchant’s children. I am not sure whether there is a common trait of Koori, but the other Koori didn’t seem to concern about the wife and children. I looked at the wound and it didn’t seem too fatal, I told the Koori this. He didn’t seem too happy, but accepted it.

The Koori then started talking to the second in charge that something was off about the wine and candle. He thought it could be magic. Hearing this I walked over and said that only the Oldwun used candles for their magic. I then took out another kachina, a spirit wolf. This one could follow magic I used it to see where the person who carried these items went. I dismissed the wolf when the path went out of the village, to the south. I went back to some of the places the wolf went. When I asked the owners if any of their customers had been acting strange they said that a Wangai, Muin, had been. I then went to the herbalist, because one of the Wangai’s habits is smoking a pipe. The herbalist was from my land. When she asked why I was asking about Muin I told her that I was studying his culture.

The next day I went to the inn that I knew had a Koori cook. It seemed like the best place to look for Koori’s who were new to village. The Koori seemed to know Obadiah personally and they had come on the barge with him. It would make sense that they had done some investigation on their own. I wanted to pool our information to see if we had a culprit. Especially since Oldwun would use candles as foci and the Oldwun had spells to control people’s feelings. When I walked into the inn I found the two Koori sitting with the human that had been in the spice shop. I introduce myself. The human introduces himself as Maximus Decimus Meridius. The Koori who wanted me to heal the merchant’s wife introduces himself as Khashi. The other Koori was silent.

“And your name is?” I asked him.

“What’s it to you?” He asked in reply.

“Something to call you besides other Koori.” I said.

Ulgaden.” He said.

I was about to ask what they had found when the Ainu I had seen around village came in so the introductions began; only she ignored Ulgaden when he didn’t give her his name. Her name was Akatsuki. When we piled our information we deduced that Muin had planted the wine and candle. In the wine was a love potion and the candle was a foci for an Oldwun mage to make Obadiah attack Varas. We learned that Varas was awake. When we got there he insisted that someone went to his shop. I however had one very important question: Who lit the candle? Varas said, “What candle.” Bloody Wangai and curse their ability to sneak around without being seen. Maximus and Khashi came with me to the store. The guards that had been posted were poisoned. We look around and went into Varas’s office. There we discovered that there was a secret chamber behind a cupboard. There was an overwhelming smell of smoke from a pipe.

We went back to Varas and I asked, “What was behind the cupboard?”

Varas and the second in charge looked at each other. It turns out that behind the cupboard was the village bank. Many of the wealthier residents of the village would leave money in the bank for safe keeping. The sum is around 3,000 silver and if not recovered could destroy the village. I mentioned the tracks I had seen north of the village. It turned out that when Khashi and I looked at them and the group followed the trail, Muin had been working with some other people to steal the money. We now had the trail and we will be setting out soon.



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