Nyonia - Pauci Fortis

Putting Turmeric Arbustum behind us

Khashi's Journal

It has been many weeks since I have updated my journal. The things that I have learned have turned my life upside down and I needed some time to process everything. I thought that I was alone in this world, that my entire family was gone forever. But now I know that this is not true. Dalan, my youngest son, is still alive.

After I defeated my brother, Ulgaden and I made a pact. We would not leave town without killing Kelus Riga. As much as I wanted to add the death of my brother to this promise, until I knew the truth about my son, I had to let him live.

There were some changes made to our little band of adventurers. It was decided that Obadiah would go on ahead with the caravan, and that Maximus would accompany him. The rest of us would stay behind to protect Junia, taking a longer side journey to pick up more cargo, and meet up with the rest of the caravan later. To replace Maximus, Junia hired Ravinia, a mercenary who was not affiliated with either of the factions in town. Ravinia seems quiet, but capable.

Ulgaden left town to perform the Koori burial rites on the remains of his mate. This is a very personal and private ceremony so I wished him well but did not intrude.

I met with Castis Tofilo, the leader of the Blue faction and discussed my situation with my brother. He filled in some missing information about my brother’s actions since he came to town and confirmed that Surtak had been accompanied by a child when he arrived in town. He gave me my first real lead – that my brother had been traveling with a circus, and a female Koori, and that when the circus left town, the female Koori and the child went with it.

We were warned that the Riga clan were planning to retaliate against us for our humiliation of Kelus and my brother. We decided that it would be best if we set up camp outside of town. But they were determined to have their revenge and attacked us in the middle of the night. It did not go well for them.

Being the cowards that they are, of course they struck us in the middle of the night. Unfortunately for them, Koori are creatures of the night, and we heard them tromping through the darkness like a herd of buffalo. And as further proof that the Gods smile upon us, Ulgaden had returned hours before, so we were at full strength.

To their credit, they did come in full force, with a large number of warriors, and a powerful wizard, as well as my brother Surtak and Kelus Riga.

My overconfidence led me to make what could have been a fatal mistake. They had a band of a dozen archers who were raining arrows down upon our camp. I charged them to force them to put down their bows and defend themselves. That is when the wizard revealed himself, raising a mighty wall of stone to cut me off from the rest of my companions. This is also when my brother revealed himself, attacking me from the darkness. He had planned to isolate me from my companions, forcing me to fight him and the dozen archers alone. Luckily, the wizard had underestimated how quick a Koori is on his feet, and placed the wall so that one end of it was close enough for me to reach. I was able to duck around the wall, actually using it for protection from the archers and drawing my brother to where he would be forced to fight me alone in the kind of fight my brother hates – a fair one.

Ulgaden charged forward, when Kelus Riga revealed himself in the darkness, attempting to attack Ulgaden by surprise. Once again, the humans underestimated the quickness of the Koori, and his ambush of Ulgaden failed. They locked in a deadly battle, but I was too busy trying to stay alive to make note of the details. I have seen Ulgaden in battle and had faith that he would overcome Kelus.

As I expected, my fight with my brother was much tougher this time. He had covered himself from head to toe in solid armor, leaving no weaknesses for me to exploit. Since I had taken our Grandfather’s greatsword from him, he had switched to a broadsword and shield, making him even harder to hit. I was forced to fight a much more defensive fight, but finally got in a lucky shot that felled him.

Meanwhile, Ulgaden had quickly dispatched Kelus, and was taking the time to remove his head – ensuring that he would never take another innocent life. Morwenna, Ravinia and Junia had dispatched the archers and the rest of our ambushers, and were closing in on the wizard. I quickly joined them, and when he realized that he was outnumbered and alone, the wizard surrendered. He traded his life, and the life of his men for what information he could give us. There wasn’t actually much to tell that we didn’t already know (that he had been hired by Masus Riga to murder us), but it gave us the definitive proof that we needed. We also learned that Masus had sent the majority of his forces after us, leaving Turmeric Arbustum heavily weighted towards Castis Tofilo’s Blue forces.

Once again I was faced with the dilemma of what to do with my brother. He agreed to answer my questions, in exchange for my word not to kill him. Reluctantly, I agreed. Junia used one of her spells to ensure that he didn’t lie to me, and I gathered as much information from him as I could. I was able to learn for certain that my son does still live, and that Castis’ information was correct – that he was with Surtak’s mate with a traveling circus.

If my brother thought that I was going to set him free again, he was sorely mistaken. I had promised him his life, not his freedom. With Ulgaden at my side, I escorted him back to Turmeric Arbustum, to ask Castis Tofilo to find a deep, dark hole to put him in.

When we reached Turmeric Arbustum, we learned that a war had broken out. With Masus Riga sending the majority of his thugs to try and kill us, he left himself underpowered, and Castis Tofilo had taken advantage of the situation, taking control of the town.

In exchange for the help that we had given him in taking over the town, Castis Tofilo agreed to imprison my brother. When my son is safe in my arms again, I will return to give my brother the death that he deserves.

Castis was also able to give me some more information. He had managed to find a flyer for the traveling circus that Surtak had arrived with, and that his mate and my son were currently traveling with. Unfortunately there is no way to find their current location. The best that I can do is to meet them in Lecia, where they will go to camp for the winter.

Before we left town, Ulgaden and I had planned to kill Masus Riga for his attempt to murder ourselves and our friends, but Castis warned us that Masus had barricaded himself in his home with a large number of mercenaries to protect him, and that it would be suicide for us to attempt to get to him tonight. He also warned us that Masus would not forget the damage we had done to his clan, and that we had murdered his son, and that he would send assassins after us. We agreed to leave town without killing Masus, but agreed between ourselves that we would come back some day and finish the job.

Ulgaden had one final act of revenge against Kelus Riga. By stealing a portion of his mate’s body, Kelus had prevented her from entering the afterlife. He thought it only fair that Kelus suffer the same fate. He dismembered Kelus’ body, and vowed to scatter the pieces in remote places, so that Kelus’ soul would never rest. I agreed to help him in this quest.



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