Aindrea Tristram Vortigern (AKA: Roscoe)

Carefree, wandering adventurer


Standing at three feet tall, Roscoe has a perpetually disheveled look of someone who just woke up from partying hard. Which in his case is true most of the time. His hair is perpetually wild and seems to return to that state unnaturally quick even after wetting it down and combing it. His clothes are sturdy and nondescript, the leather vest and knife at his waist the only sign that he leads an “interesting” life. Good natured to a fault, nothing seems to get him down and he’s always willing to help anyone who needs it, especially those life has kicked in the teeth.


I was raised alone by by my poor Grandma Francine. Sweet lady. Made the greatest rhubarb pie. My parents were killed by a stampede of angry billy goats and their last act was to give me to some kind passerby and then use their own bodies to protect that stranger and me from the stampeding herd until we got to safety. sniff Truly heroic stuff, I can only hope to live up to their fine example. Anyways, like I was saying, There we were, me and my cousin raised by sweet old Francine. We lived in a little shack in Quintus, surrounded by big folk that only wanted to take advantage of a poor starving family of five. Granpa Charles had gotten the rheumatism in the war and couldn’t work, and Uncle Vladius had a problem with apple juice. Won’t go near the stuff myself. So us three kids had to go out and do whatever odd jobs we could to survive; apple polisher, shoe de-waxer, flower petal attacher, the list goes on and on. Anyways I could go on about the trials and tribulations of our destitute family of seven, but it all came to an end when a rogue tornado struck our tiny one room hovel and scattered everyone but me and Grandma Bernice to the four corners of the world. Soon after she came down with the Wobbly Sniffles and died soon after. HONK Doesn’t it just break your heart? Well after that I packed my belongings, kissed the wife and kids goodbye and decided to head out into the world and see if I could find the rest of my family.

Aindrea Tristram Vortigern (AKA: Roscoe)

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