A brown hair, 4foot 8 inch Ainu (female), wielding a katana


I am a young Ainu, born to a family of farmers. Our farm was located in the Realm of Steel and Three Gems. We harvest special mushrooms found in the Caverns that is made into Fermented Mushroom Tea . One day after helping my parents pick mushrooms, I went out exploring different caverns. Suddenly my older brother came running up behind me, I turned around to see him sobbing. He told me the house was on fire.

We went running back to find that our house got burned down to the grown. While going through the remains of the house, we could not find how the fire started, but we found our parent’s remains. Our aunt and uncle kindly took us in, they were craftsmen. In order to stay with them though, we had to assist them when they were crafting. During our free time, my brother would teach me how to defend myself and how to attack when needed. He had learned this from our grandfather before he died of old age, he was a former warrior. After staying with them for a while ,my brother fell ill and passed away.

I decided I couldn’t stay there any longer. I packed what little I owned and went off to find an adventure.


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