Ulgaden Chinbat

A tall, young, and slender Koori that is deft in the art of the sword.


Ulgaden is a young, bright, and talented soul. He can almost always be found working hard and training in an attempt to master his skils with a blade. He also has a pension for avoiding injury when most would not be so lucky. You could hardly count how many times a broken bone or scathing wound were narrowly avoided by what would appear to be sheer luck instead of natural skill. This comes from a lifetime of practice and training sprinkled with just a touch of inborn ability.

Ulgaden has always carried an interest with numbers. Because of this interest he worked closely with a family friend name Oni (ooh-n-i), whom he became vary close with over the years, at the local accounting office. Ulgaden was not fortunate enough to have the wealth needed to own his own business and so he devoted his talents and time to working with Oni. He had high hopes that one day he would inherit the Oni’s business sine Oni was free of any heirs and at his old age of 50 would not likely have any. Often Oni could be heard praising his business partner Ulgaden when speaking with others. He would comment on how he would be lost without his talents and how he has even saved his business a time or two.

Before Ulgaden took to the road he had a fair wage working with Oni, at least enough to support himself and his new life mate and their future litter. Ulgaden and his life mate made their home at the edge of town in a modest house. Not being very social, Ulgaden only took one mate. This was unlike many of his kin who would often have 3 or more mates. He was quite happy only having a single mate and together they were expecting a new litter of cubs. His life mate Narantsetsegm, who often went by Nara, came from a humble family and lived her life as a hunter. Nara was desired by many other Koori who were quite jealous of Ulgaden for having her as his own. Nara’s beauty would at times even transcended racial boundaries and caught the eye of travelers and tradesmen coming form foreign lands.

Sadly, this happy family was not meant last for one fateful night Nara’s life came to an end in a tragic fashion. Her death is still wrought with many unanswered questions. In the weeks leading to Nara’s death there were visitors from the human lands that had business with Oni. The businessmen could be seen glancing at and pointing towards Nara whenever she was nearby. Just days before Nara’s death Ulgaden had walked in on what seemed to be a secretive conversation between Oni and the mixed race businessmen. Ulgaden swears to this day that he had heard his mates name before the secretive conversation halted abruptly upon his accidental transgression. At the time the conversation it was too quiet for him to be sure if he did hear Nara’s name and it never occurred to him that he should give the matter a second thought. This later proved to be a life changing mistake. When Nara had left for a two day hunting trip in hopes to gather enough food to last until she had her litter. This was the trip that she did not come back from however. This night Nara had left was also the businessmen’s last day in town. The following day Oni excitedly called Ulgaden to work on his day off so that he could add Oni’s new deal with the businessmen to the books. Oni agreed since it was a tidy some and appeared to be very profitable in the future.

Nara’s return was now a week overdue and Ulgaden became very worried despite the fact that It was somewhat common for Nara’s hunting trips to take longer than expected. His worrying prompted him to start following her tracks for nearly 2 days without rest. Then it happened, he found her. She was cut up, beaten and tied to tree. She had the scent of the businessmen on her and was missing both her hands and eyes. Our adventurer, distraught carried Nara’s body back home without rest, food, or drink. When he arrived home he immediately performed a private funeral for his fallen mate. Ulgaden mourned for weeks before leaving his home again. When he finally had his wits together he immediately turned to the local law for justice but they offered none. They had already been paid off to ignore his pleas for investigation. His, formally, close friend and colleague was gone was and nowhere to found. When Ulgaden also came to the realization that during his mourning Oni had not once came to his home to ask him to come back to work. Now Ulgaden had finally understood what happened to his mate. Oni had sold his mate to “Collectors”, a small subset of the wealthy that paid good money to have a trophy from every intelligent race. Oni’s betrayal prompted Ulgaden to vow to himself that he would never let anyone close to him again.

Ulgaden could no longer stand to be with his kin, the betrayers! He packed up what he could, some food, a light clothing, and just a bit of coin and left his homeland for good. He did not leave without the family heirlooms, however, the crystalline weapons passed down for generations. With his goods strapped to his back Ulgaden’s adventure begins…

Ulgaden Chinbat

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