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Known For

  • They are proud of their political leaders.
  • The people observe a local religion.
  • They are often troubled by foul creatures south and east of the district
  • Skilled animal trainers
  • Turmeric, Garlic, and Black Pepper
  • Close diplomatic and trade relationship with Mespa in the Country of Kerala
  • There are rumors that southeast there are Ghidorah, Fire Elioud, and Gargun


This fashion favors soft, billowing pale gold and blue-green and dark blue garments. Tops are typically short with very varying necklines. Tights and leggings are also customary. Masks are popular accessories. Green-brown, red-orange, and beige are also common colors.


A. Viculus Furinus
B. Viculus de Allium Agros
C. Viculus de Agnos
D. Turmeric Arbustum
E. Viculus de Adianua
F. Flumen Ancra Arcem
G. Parvus Turmeric Arbustum
H. Viculus Magnificum
HG. Hanging Gardens
I. Former Ogre Lair
J. Meteor Lake – Meteoric iron
K. Geyser – Gargun found nearby
L. Fort Mosca Pass
X. Circulum Luporum
Z. Mors Corvus (Death Raven)

Nemora Ater
Last Chance Trading Post

Antiqui Medeis (The Ancient Magic) Map

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Viculus Furinus
Viculus de Agnos
Flumen Ancra Arcem
Nemora Ater
Viculus de Allium Agros
Turmeric Arbustum
Viculus de Adianua
Hanging Gardens
Parvus Turmeric Arbustum


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Southeast District - Southern

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