Turmeric Arbustum

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Main description

Turmeric Arbustum (Turmeric Plantation) appears to be a village surrounded by fields of turmeric plants (made into the turmeric spice). A recent family/gang war has been concluded (25 of Saraus, 175 AoE).

Turmeric is a very valuable spice and Turmeric Arbustum is one of the few places where it is grown as a commercial crop. Most other places it is harvested from wild or small fields.

Turmeric Field
Turmeric Harvest




  • (GM) – General Merchant

Government Buildings


  • RU1 Guildhouse
  • RU1 Jail
  • KL1 Barracks – Turmeric Arbustum
  • Gatehouse
  • Gatehouse
  • Gatehouse
  • Gatehouse
  • JT1 Shoemaker
  • SU2 Shoemaker
  • MK1 Tailor
  • HK1 Wineseller
  • FI1 Woodseller
  • JK2 House Fat L Wood
  • NH4 House L-Shaped Wood
  • CT3 Armorer
  • JO1 Barber
  • TD1 Blacksmith
  • TC1 Butcher
  • RF1 Cooper
  • LN1 Doctor
  • TE1 Furrier
  • KQ1 Herbalist
  • MQ1 Market
  • HP5 Pistibia’s Tavern
  • GM1 House Square Wood
  • LL1 House L-Shaped Wood
  • KJ1 House Fat L Wood
  • JJ2 House Square Wood
  • KM2 House Square Wood
  • KL2 House L-Shaped Wood
  • EX1 Saddler
  • OY1 Scabbardmaker
  • PP1 Shoemaker
  • TG1 Shoemaker
  • IN01 The Sun and Rain Inn
  • SE1 Weaponsmith
  • IK1 House Square Wood
  • UF1 House Very Fat L Wood
  • UF2 House Fat L Wood
  • NL6 House L-Shaped Wood
  • IL1 House L-Shaped Wood
  • LM18 House L-Shaped Wood
  • LM17 House Fat L Wood
  • IP1 House Fat L Wood
  • LN4 House Fat L Wood
  • LN3 House Fat L Wood
  • KO1 House Square Wood
  • JO4 House Square Wood
  • GP1 House Square Wood

Riga Family

The Riga family has lost almost all of their holdings, wealth, status, and mercenaries because they lost the gang war. Masus Riga leads what is left of his family. His oldest son, Kelus Riga, was killed by a Koori. Masus Riga suspects he knows who killed his son.

  • JL1 Barracks – Riga Family
  • GQ3 Riga Family House Fat L Wood
  • GQ1 Riga Family Spice Business
  • TQ2 Brothel
  • QO1 Chicken-Butcher
  • NI1 Dancing Dart Tavern
  • QY1 Furrier
  • UO2 Gray Angel Tavern
  • SE2 Old-Clothes
  • NB1 The Rusty Two Golds (GM)

Tofilo Family

The Tofilo Family is the oldest family in the village. They have gained control of everything south of the main road running NE to SW through the area. Almost all of the business and families in this area owe allegiance to the Tufilos. The patriarch of the family is Castis Tofilo. He has a vast amount of family wealth to draw upon in his fight with the Rigas and he is willing to use it.

Half of his children have fled the area because they became sick of the fighting. Those that are left do not get involved in the direct confrontations but rather manipulate the situation in the background.

The leader of the Tofilo Family mercenaries is Gaius Lascus

  • LN2 Barracks – Tofilo Family
  • PO1 Tofilo Family Spice Buisness
  • PM3 Tofilo Family House L-Shaped Wood
  • SU1 Baker
  • ML1 The Blue Ogre Inn
  • MB1 Brewery
  • RB1 The Bright Dragon (GM)
  • UO2 Drunken Robber Tavern
  • TL1 The Ebony Coin (GM)
  • KM1 The Emerald Dog Inn
  • NM3 Hatmaker
  • SA1 Old-Clothes
  • NX1 Laughing Sphinx Tavern
  • OO1 Tailor
  • NK1 House Fat L Wood
  • MK2 House L-Shaped Wood
  • NL7 House Square Wood
  • OI1 House Very Fat L Wood
  • RM1 House L-Shaped Wood
  • ML12 House Square Wood
  • PI1 House L-Shaped Wood
  • ML13 House Square Wood
  • OL1 House Square Wood
  • MN11 House L-Shaped Wood
  • NM18 House Square Wood
  • NN6 House Square Wood
  • NN2 House L-Shaped Wood
  • ON3 House Square Wood
  • PN1 House L-Shaped Wood
  • RO1 House L-Shaped Wood
  • RP1 House Square Wood
  • MO1 House L-Shaped Wood
  • OO2 House L-Shaped Wood
  • JP1 House L-Shaped Wood
  • JP3 House Square Wood
  • JQ2 House Square Wood
  • JQ1 House Fat L Wood
  • JK1 House Very Fat L Wood
  • KK1 House Very Fat L Wood

Return to Southeast District – Southern
Return to Southeast District

Turmeric Arbustum

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