Maximus Decimus Meridius


Honor. Duty. Glory. Easy words to say but hard words to live by this is the path that Maximus has chosen to walk. Maximus is the second son of the house of Meridius a family who’s roots trace back to the divide between the Maurya and the Marius they are on the eastern border of the realm of Quintus and have served as the guardians of the realm protecting the land from Marius invasions. As is expected of younger sons he was to join the military because it is the only way a younger son can gain land or titles within the realm of Quintus. At age 8 he began his training learning how to ride on the back of a horse and then how to fight on the back of the horse with swords, spears and bows. At age 16 he had become a man and because of his families status he was offered a position within the Praetorian Guard an elite military unit that performs several vital functions first they guard the emperor, second they often serve as the representatives or spies for the empire forging alliances or seeking new realms to conquer and finally they guard border with the Scipion Empire.

After four more years of training where he was instructed in what the Praetorian Guard calls the true art of war he was deemed ready for service. His first assignment was to a dangerous part of the border with where along with around 100 other members of the Guard under the command of Captain Augustus. The captain was a skilled leader and had a reputation for winning battles despite of the the odds. He saw a spark of that same brilliance within Maximus and began to show him how to lead men into battle and after a few months gave Maximus command over ten of his brothers in arms. Not too long after the company came across 200 Marius in formation marching across the border to raid. Augustus gave the order to charge and during the charge took a spear to the chest that was meant for Maximus the company nearly broke at that point.

But in those moments Maximus convinced them victory was still achievable, he split the force into 3 sections putting 30 men on each flank and forty in the center. Then he has the flanks ride through a valley so as to not been seen and trick the Marius into thinking that they had fled the battle. Then Maximus orders his charge and as his men charge the center the flanking forces pincer the Marius forcing the legions to break formation resulting in a rout by the Maurya. For his actions Maximus was given command of the company which he held for the next two years until his valor in battle earn him another promotion and he was given a choice join the imperial guard but never show his face again and vow to love no one but the emperor until he died or was released from service. Or to become a personal emissary of the Emperor Maximus chose the latter and has been adventuring ever since.


Maximus Decimus Meridius

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