Ravinia Prisca Agaeus

A young woman with medium-tone skin, short dark hair, and light eyes.


Honor and truth. Ravinia is bound by these laws and seeks to uphold them as much as possible. She is willing to bend the truth in order to uphold the law or what is right, but does avoid this as much as possible. Her family is of prime importance in her life, even if she is not with them right now.

Her father, Lucius Agaeus Cassius was of the Hallstadt, from the city-state of Vetera. He was a trader and merchant. He taught Ravinia the art of reading people and getting the desired response. Her mother, Drusa Prisca was of the Mehgarth in Kerala. She taught Ravinia the strength of determination a person can weild.

She had five siblings, and was closest with the other two eldest. Two of the younger ones died in infancy. The three elder were then very protective of the one younger, who never recovered fully from the sickness that had taken his siblings.
They moved often, as her father was a trader and would oversee his routes and merchandise, often finding he did better to negotiate prices in person. They were well-off and well-guarded, but that cannot protect from everything. When she was eleven, her father and elder brother disappeared. They had gone to deal with a client, and were never heard from again. The city was searched, the police/guardsmen contacted and involved, but nothing came of it. They thought for awhile that it was a kidnapping for a ransom, then their fears turned to a unhappy client or supplier and murder. Hopes slowly faltered, and they were written off as dead.

Without her husband and eldest son, Ravinia’s mother returned to Kerala to be closer to her own family. When Ravinia was fifteen, she left home to go live with her paternal grandparents in Vetera, as they were getting old and needing help with their business. She learned the trade of bookbinding, but did not like it well enough to continue once her grandparents passed away. She was nineteen, and began training to be a guardsman. Her mentor was a retired warrior from the Scipion Empire, who had then served in Vetera as a Chief Guard. He was a tough old man who was tough on his trainees. Ravinia learned well, and was hired onto a city guard in the city-state of Emetha when she had completed her training.

Ravinia has never lost her ties with her family, and while she does not often visit, she writes often. Her mother lives with her daughter and son-in-law, a farm-owner in Kerala. Her brother became an artist who often does portraits. Ravinia has often considered seeking a new position in Kerala so that she may be closer to them.

Ravinia’s life changed when she received an anonymous note that her long-lost brother was in the SE district of the Land of Five Spices. He was spotted in one of the villages on the plains. She was shaken by the revelation that he may still be alive, and quickly packed her belongings, wrote a note to her mother, payed off any debts, and left.

Ravinia Prisca Agaeus

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