Encounter with Cave Trolls

A band of three cave trolls lived two days south of the Guardians of Draco Veneno settlement. They attacked the party in the night. Two of the trolls were killed outright. One ran to its lair. The party tracked it back to its lair and killed it. They found the following items:

Coins2510 sp64 sq. inch Mirror (1.5 kg)360 sp
Plain silver Barrette with Large Turquoise300 spRhino Hide (250 kg)175 sp
25 Ivory Beads127 spCarving Knife set (6 knifes) (1.25 kg)57 sp
Decorative Silk Scarf (2’ square)43 spSmall Animal Cage (4.5 kg)34 sp
Large Wood Box with hinged lid (10×8×8 inches) (6 kg)31 spCanvas Tarp (144 sq. ft.) (10.2 kg)29 sp
Elk Hide (40 kg)20 spGiant Ram Horn (8 kg)15 sp
Plain wood Barrette14 spcoins131 cp
1/4 gallon Dutch Oven (4.25 kg)12 spAdjustable Pliers Tools (0.75 kg)11 sp
10 pieces Cooking Utensil Set (1.5 kg)10 spCaltrops set of 6 (2 kg)9 sp
Each Eagle Talon (0.15 kg)9 spPewter Pitcher (2 kg)9 sp
Pipeweed Intelligence Reducing (0.1 kg)9 spPlain wood Hair Comb9 sp
Soda Ash per pound (1 kg)9 spOxen Hide (50 kg)8 sp
Trail Grill Rack (0.4 kg)8 sp1/4 Pound of Glass Polish (0.25 kg)6 sp
1/4 pound Skin Oils (0.25 kg)6 sp5 pounds Flint (5 kg)6 sp
50 x Muskrat Pelt ea (8 kg)5 spCeramic Pitcher (1.6 kg)5 sp
Single Blade Pick (4.2 kg)5 spTeas (1/4 pound) (0.25 kg)4 sp
1 pound Chalk (1 kg)3 sp6 oz. capacity Tobacco Pouch (0.05 kg)3 sp
Brown Sugar (5 pounds) (5 kg)3 spMedium Wicker Basket (5.5 kg)3 sp
(2) Semaphore Flag each (3.2 kg)2 sp1/10th pound Dry Orange Pigment (0.1 kg)2 sp
1/10th pound Dry Yellow Pigment (0.1 kg)2 sp8 hour Lamp Oil (2.75 kg)15 cp
Herbs Oelesith12 cpShake Stick (1 kg)1 sp
Steel spurs (0.4 kg)1 spWood Pitcher (1.8 kg)1 sp
(2) 4 hour Candle each (0.125 kg)3 cpBulrush Deck Mat (1.1 kg)3 cp

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Encounter with Cave Trolls

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