Shrine of Siem

The ruins of a shrine can easily be found here. The shrine was built by the priest (and mages) who worshiped Siem – Never-Changing Lord of the Azure Bowl or studied the texts written about him. The priests and mages kept evil doers and interlopers away with powerful magic and a band of dedicated warriors.

In the year of 4690, also known as 1327 DA an army of warriors and mages came from Country of Kerala with the goal of conquering the areas around the shrine and the Soke City State. Both the army from Kerala and the guardians of the shrine were destroyed while fighting each other when a large swarm of Gargun overran the entire area.

The shrine has been abandoned since then.
Aquamarine-mineral-sm.jpg In the center of the ruined shrine is a large pool of water. The pool is shaped like a bowl and the walls and base are part of a very large aquamarine deposit.

Looking into the water there are a large number of coins and other apparent valuables.

Loose aquamarines can be found in the area. It isn’t clear where the water comes from. There is steam that rises from the pool on a regular basis at night.

There are some mounds of dirt and rubble in the area that look like they were moved since the original structure was ruined.

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Shrine of Siem

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