Spreading Poison


A corrupt city watch captain (see BAKS10 Barracks) has been running a protection racket, shaking down merchants and administering savage beatings if they don’t pay up. Recently, Tapisus (see WESR05 Wineseller) rebuffed the captain’s cronies, turning down their offer of “protection,” and in retaliation they beat the man’s only son (15 years old) to death. The merchant is out for vengeance—against the corrupt captain as well as the watch as whole for not bringing the captain to justice. Though not an apothecary himself, he’s adept with poisons, and he has begun poisoning watch members.

There have been several poisonings already, and if there are too many more the city will find itself in a crisis, with not nearly enough watch personnel to keep the peace. There’s no apparent motive for the crimes, and there are no connections between the watchmen; many are well-respected, and none were involved in killing Tapisus’ son.


City Council

Junia is summoned to an emergency city council meeting on Ilvius 10, 176 AoE. It turns out seven city guards have been poisoned in the last three weeks. Tribune Rosus has an internal investigation going on to figure out what is going on.

The members of the council is concerned about having the guard investigate the murder of their own – especially if they get frustrated and take it out on the citizenry.


Found out why the wine seller was poisoning.

Found corrupt guard.

1/3 of the guards in one barracks executed.
1/3 of the guards off to the prison mine
1/3 of the guards are exiled

Spreading Poison

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